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Servicios de Impedimentos Físicos
Esta sección enfoca diversas necesidades de las personas con impedimentos físicos. Los servicios incluyen ceguera o impedimento visual, impedimento de desarrollo, impedimentos físicos e impedimentos del oído.

Servicios para sordomudos

Alliance for Families with Deaf Children 954-370-1145

Bertha Abess / Day Treatment / Hearing-Impaired 305-893-7400

Community Health of South Dade Doris Ison Community Health Center 305-253-5100

Community Health of South Dade Martin Luther King Jr. Clinica Campesina 305-248-4334

Deaf Services Bureau American Sign Language Interpreter Service 305-560-2866

Deaf Services Bureau Client Services Program 305-560-2866

Deaf Services Bureau Deaf Group 'Shhh' Hard of Hearing 305-560-2866

Department of Education / Vocational Rehabilitation Services Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit 305-560-2866

Easter Seal Society / Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation 305-325-0470

Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind / Residential and Day Program 800-344-3732

Hearing and Speech Center of Florida - Speech/Language/Audiology/Occupational Therapy 305-271-7343

Hearing and Speech Center of Florida Leisure City Satellite Office and Miami Lakes Satelllite Office 305-271-7343

Jackson Memorial Hospital / Audiology Clinic 305-585-6746

Mercy Hospital / Home Health Agency 305-860-5260

Visiting Nurse Association of Miami-Dade 305-477-7676

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