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Justicia legal y criminal
Esta categoría incluye el sistema judicial así como otras agencias y programas que proveen servicios a aquellos necesitados de apoyo en asuntos de justicia legal que incluyen prevención del crimen, programas custodia, inmigración y personas desaparecidas, así como asistencia legal.

Asistencia legal

24-Hour Hotline/Domestic Violence Intake Unit 305-349-5888

Abriendo Puertas Governing Board of East Little Havana 305-649-6449

Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities Information and Referral Unit 800-342-0823

American Civil Liberties Union of Florida (ACLU) 786-363-2700

American Friends Service Committee Central America Political Asylum Project 305-252-6441

Camillus Health Concern 305-374-1065

Catholic Charities / Legal Services of the Archdiocese of Miami 305-887-8333

Center for Disease Control and Prevention / National AIDS Hotline 800-232-4636

Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida 727-442-8820

Coalition of Florida Farmworkers Organization 305-247-4779

Dade Family Counseling / Court-Mandated Dependency Counseling 305-267-0205

Equifax Consumer Credit Reports 800-685-1111

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center 305-573-1106

Florida Justice Institute 305-358-2081

Gay and Lesbian Lawyers Association / Attorney Referral Line 305-665-3886

Haitian Refugee Services 305-757-8538

Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence 305-651-4673

Kiwanis Club Colombia/USA Legal Clinics 305-759-4778

Legal Aid Society / Bar Association Family Law 305-579-5733

Legal Services of Greater Miami Blanche Morton Hialeah Center 305-884-1376

Legal Services of Greater Miami Community Tax Clinic / Main Office / Small Claims Court Clinic 305-576-0080

Legal Services of Greater Miami Liberty City Neighborhood Office 305-751-5362

Legal Services of Greater Miami South Dade Law Center 305-232-9680

Miami-Dade Administrative Office of the Courts Court Evaluation Unit 305-638-6774

Miami-Dade Administrative Office of the Courts Criminal Mediation Program 305-349-7328

Miami-Dade Administrative Office of the Courts Custody Investigation Unit 305-349-5932

Miami-Dade Administrative Office of the Courts Family Mediation Unit 305-375-5225

Miami-Dade Administrative Office of the Courts Family Services Unit 305-349-5508

Miami-Dade Administrative Office of the Courts Juvenile Mediation Program 305-349-7328

Miami-Dade County / Public Defenders 305-545-1600

Miami-Dade Department of Human Services Office of Youth and Family Development Delinquency Prevention Services Division 305-529-2709

Office of State Attorney Child Support Enforcement 305-547-0100

Office of State Attorney Domestic Crimes Unit 305-547-0140

Office of State Attorney State Attorney's Office 305-547-0100

Office of State Attorney Victim and Witness Services Unit 305-547-0510

St. Thomas University Immigration Legal Clinic 305-623-2377

St. Thomas University School of Law / Low-Income Tax Clinic 305-474-2451

The Florida Bar / Lawyer Referral Service 800-342-8011

Tools for Change 305-751-8934

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) 800-375-5283

World Relief Immigration Service 305-541-8320

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